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WL+W is a creative studio, which is really just fancy talk for what this truly is for me – an outlet to express my love for making things. That might sound broad, and you’re right – it is. It’s taken me several years to realize that my creative interests shift and change just as quickly and seamlessly as the seasons do. I’ve come to fully embrace the fact that what I love and want to do today might be different tomorrow; it keeps life interesting for me, and isn’t that what life is all about? All that to say, this is the space I take up in the world to share what I love to do and create.


I’m a maker, a textbook introvert (please don’t throw me in the middle of a large crowd or ask me to be the center of attention), a wife, and a mom to a bright, hilarious, and exhausting three year old. I’m a lover of the colors of the sunrise, combing through thrift stores, the mountains, chambray shirts, digging deep and “self-help”-y stuff, Amsterdam, a good book (chick lit and thrillers are my current favorites), long chats in coffee shops, decorating my house, spicy margaritas, and a really good playlist. I believe that making time for ourselves and the thingsĀ that bring us happinessĀ is one of the most important things we can possibly do for ourselves and our well-being.